Chuck Blasius is a NYC-based director, actor, and playwright. He is also the Associate Artistic Director of Other Side Productions. His directing credits include Peter Mercurio’s Andrew Reaches The Other Side, Red & Tan Line, and Two Spoons; Eric Bernat and Robin Carrigan’s Jesus And Mandy; John Alban Coughlan’s Of Lives And Leaves. As a playwright, Chuck's plays include Lonely Too Long, We Were There, Bette and Kate Join The Line (with Robert Kahan). His acting credits include Grant James Varjas' Accidentally, Like A Martyr; Ken Nintzel’s productions of Pansy Acts, Piano Bar, Sonata Da Camera Obscura, Lapse, and ‘Twas The Night…. He wrote, directed and acted in his most recent project, I Could Say More, which premiered in January 2014. Chuck is a member of the Dramatists Guild and a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.
Latest News: “I Could Say More,” Chuck Blasius’ Beachfront Ensemble Play, Premieres in NYC

I Could Say More

The New York Times
"It’s a constellation that doubles as a lesson in evolving gay culture."

Gay City News
"Much has been written about the 'invisible' warrior generation of gay men who watched half their friends die from AIDS and are now well into midlife, aged out of the clubs and bars, battling loneliness and depression. This is one of the few plays I have seen that dares to broach this complex subject."

Accidentally, Like A Martry

The New York Times
"Though these men are only sometimes good to one another, they are good company for 80 minutes in the theater, especially Mr. Blasius’s warm, wounded Edmund. You find yourself rooting for him, whether or not he’s rooting for himself."